Latest updates

TPP team member Prof. Jinn-Moon Yang’s group has published an article entitled " Membrane protein-regulated networks across human cancers” in Nature Communications on July 16. Journal link
Taiwan Protein Project recently worked with Personal Genomics, Inc. (PGI), to help demonstrate the feasibility of a new method for next generation DNA sequencing proposed by PGI. The work has been published recently in Nature Research-Communications Biology on June 20, 2019. News
One of TPP teams – ASCEM’s first publication! The research is conducted by Prof. Chin-Yu Chen from NCU, and Academician Ming-Daw Tsai, Dr. Yuan-Chih Chang (ASCEM Manager) and coworkers of Academia Sinica. The result has been published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society on April 17 and featured on the Journal cover. News


TPP synchrotron beamtime reservation system